An animated take on the question of how we can measure subjective experience, voiced by Christof Koch, President and Chief Scientific Officer of the Allen Institute for Brain Science, and David Chalmers, Professor of Philosophy and co-director of the Center for Mind, Brain, and Consciousness at NYU, and Director of the Centre for Consciousness at the Australian National University. This animation by Emma Ehrling is an episode of the Massive series Condensed Matters.
Produced by Massive and Pioneer Works
Animation and Direction by Emma Ehrling
Words by Christof Koch (0-00:43 + 01:10-01:38) and David Chalmers (00:43-01:10
Created by Nadja Oertelt

The video was produced with Science at Pioneer Works for the Scientific Controversies series. Koch and Chalmers discussed consciousness with Janna Levin, Director of Science at Pioneer Works on Friday, May 26, 2017.
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